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Ongoing Projects

RocketThruster designed and built CitiTurf.com | RocketThruster

In Progress...


CitiTurf serves cities all across Collin County and is ranked as one of the top lawn care companies in that area. They needed a website that was fast, informative, and resembled the CitiTurf brand. So, we designed a website that encapsulated all of that; it was recognizable as CitiTurf, fast, easy to use, and mobile-friendly.

RocketThruster is continually maintaining Pototschnik.com | RocketThruster

Ongoing Maintenance.


Some years ago John Pototschnik, fine artist, author, and owner of Pototschnik.com, needed to expand his online presence. As his popularity grew, it became apparent that his website was far from finished. While we did not design this website, we’ve helped transform his website into what it is today; a mobile friendly, online gallery where customers can purchase art right from his website.

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