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Top 10 House Cleaning Website Designs of 2020 | RocketThruster

For House Cleaning businesses, the design of your website is surprisingly important. Your business represents the pinnacle of cleanliness and organization.

If your website says the total opposite, you will have a lot of trouble trying to persuade a visitor that you are the right house cleaning business for them.

Before we get into the Top 10 House Cleaning Website Designs, let’s talk about what I am critiquing. There are 3 things:

  1. Overall Design: How well have they laid out the website. Is it easy to find what you are looking for? Is the design easy on the eye?
  2. Trust Worthiness/Authority: How well does the website establish trust and present themselves as an authority figure in the industry.
  3. Questions/Answers: How well does the website answer the questions that are most commonly asked when a visitor is looking for a house cleaning service.

If the website does a great job on all of this, it will result in a fantastically high performing website. Not only do you establish a great amount of trust, but you can persuade people that you are the right business to go with.

Let’s get into the list.

1. Peachy Clean Austin

First, let’s talk about Peachy Clean Austin. Looking through their website, they cover all the important questions someone needs to be answered before selecting a house cleaning service.

They need answers for:

  • How much will it cost?
  • Why should I choose you?
  • What makes you different?
  • What services do you provide?
  • Where do you serve?
  • and, of course, much more.

I’ll probably say this a few times throughout the article, but answering your visitor’s questions is essential to helping them take action now, rather than later.

Before we get on to the nitty-gritty details, I do want to point your focus at one spot in particular.

In the image above (their main home page banner), they have a pricing tool where someone can get an immediate idea of how much their services cost.

This is perfect! Frankly, pricing is one of the top questions someone needs an answer to. Everyone wants to know, “how much will this cost?

So, what did Peachy Clean Austin get right with their design:

  • Overall, the site is very easy to navigate. You won’t spend 15 minutes trying to find what you are looking for, it’s all right there where you need it.
  • Like I’ve said, they answer all the essential questions that someone needs before they can make a buying decision.
  • They provide a pricing tool at the very top so people can immediately see how much their cleaning might cost.
  • They have a number of brightly colored buttons so that when someone is ready to take action, all they need to do is click one.
  • With their phone number, email, floating contact button, and a contact us page, it’s super easy to get in touch with them.
  • They also do a good job of placing testimonials throughout the website. This is great for establishing credibility!

What could be improved:

  • (Minor Change) With the headline and the pricing tool, the top of the home page feels a bit cluttered. This is especially true on mobile devices. But, as I said, I love that you can get a price as soon as you land on the page, which makes things tricky.
    • One solution might be to swap out the pricing tool with a button that says “Get Your Price Instantly,” which takes them to a page dedicated to that tool.
  • When you hover over “services” in the navigation bar, you are immediately bombarded by around 20 different pages. If they could find some way to relocate those pages – that would help a huge amount!

I will say though, that both of these are not big issues. Overall the site feels very clean and well put together. Well done!

2. Alpine Maids

Immediately, when you land on the Alpine Maids website, you can tell it’s simple and professional. They have a simple, to the point headline that re-affirms that the visitor is in the right place, along with a big green button for those that are ready to use their house cleaning services.

I do want to emphasize how great of a decision it was to avoid using a stock photo at the very top of the page.

People appreciate when you take the time to get REAL pictures. Plus, it helps establish trust, because they can see the people behind the business.

While the Alpine Maids website does have stock photos, they mix in some really great photos that are of the team and work they do.

What did they get right:

  • The design of their website is clean and simple. You can easily find answers, contact information, testimonials, and more without having to search for it.
  • They use some really great REAL photos. This is a BIG deal, especially for house cleaning businesses.
  • Not only are they using reviews throughout the website, but they are pulling them in dynamically so they stay relevant.
  • They do a really good job of making it easy for a visitor to take the next steps to using their house cleaning services. They do this by placing buttons throughout the website so when they’re ready the button is right there waiting.
  • Not only do they have a page outlining every one of their testimonials, but they also have a page for all their awards. Talk about establishing credibility!
  • One thing you don’t see often are Accessibility features. Alpine Maids has built in a way for people with visual or audible disabilities to access their website. Great Work!
  • Also, one last thing, their About Us page is fantastic! Not only does it have pictures of the team and the owners, but it also doesn’t sound robotic!

What could be improved:

  • Some of the links on the home page don’t go to the correct page. For example, the Facebook link, near the top of the page, goes to
  • (Minor Change) Some of the text on the home page (primarily in the services section), is not totally visible to readers. Try using a text color that has a high contrast to the background.

3. MyClean

The MyClean House Cleaning website design is incredibly simple and to be totally honest, I really like it!

When you look at the website, it doesn’t feel like you run into any walls of text. It’s easily digestible from any device you’re using and I applaud them for that.

Many websites, as they get larger and more complicated, become crowded and difficult to read, especially on mobile devices. This website doesn’t feel like that, it’s easy to read regardless of the device.

Also, similar to the first house cleaning website on this list, they have a super simple pricing tool. Once again, answering that question, “How Much Do You Charge?” right off the bat!

One small comment I would make about the overall organization of the navigation is that when I first landed on the website, I wasn’t totally sure where the contact page was.

I eventually found it in the footer, but my feeling is that most people don’t go looking for that information at the bottom of the page. I would recommend that the Contact Us page lives up in the main navigation, just for absolute clarity.

What did they do right when designing this website:

  • Their website is incredibly easy to digest. You don’t run into any walls of text or cluttered layouts.
  • They immediately provide an answer to “How Much Do You Charge?
  • Overall, they do a good job addressing any concerns. Things like what they need to do to schedule an appointment and if other people like MyClean.
  • They have a solid About Us page that not only addresses how they got started but also how they can ask questions.
  • They use nice, bright buttons to catch your attention. Bright buttons are the best because they won’t get lost in the overall design of the website.

What could be improved with this design:

  • As I had mentioned, it would be nice to have that Contact Us button in the main navigation at the top.
  • They do mention this on their About Us page, but it would be nice to see how many years of experience they have. They mention they got started in 2009, but you have to go searching for it. Make that know! People want to know that you won’t cause them any headaches due to lack of experience.
  • (Minor Change) MyClean has a number of articles that have been written about them by major news sources. Link to those! People have to go digging for them if they want to know more.

For the most part, these are small changes that I personally would make to the website. Though, it is a nice place to be; it’s not crowded, cluttered, or difficult to follow.

4. Merry Maids

While Merry Maids house cleaning is one of the larger companies on this list, the website feels small and family-like.

With the cursive fonts and short videos of what appears to be a family going about their daily lives, you don’t get the feeling that you are considering a company with multiple locations both in the US and Canada.

Because they’re a multi-location house cleaning company, they make it very easy for you to find the location nearest to you. At the top of the page, they have not one, but two buttons to help you find the right location.

From there, they cover almost everything you need to know. From what services they offer, to testimonials, to getting an estimate.

The general theme of their design was focused around family life, and it definitely drives that home. It feels very family-oriented, which is not a bad thing for a house cleaning company.

What did they get right:

  • With the family-oriented design choices, the website makes it feel like this company will not only take care of the cleaning but your family as well. It connects with the readers who have families and makes them feel very trustworthy.
  • Similar to the other websites, Merry Maids is very easy to navigate. While the navigation has a few more choices than some of the others, I still have no problem with finding what I am looking for.
  • There is no shortage of buttons on this website! If you’d like to see more testimonials, there’s a button for that. If you want to get a free quote, no problem, here’s a button. This is why the website is so easy to navigate.
  • They do a good job highlighting their guarantee. This is especially important when someone is trying your services for the first time. With a satisfaction guarantee, it makes it much easier for someone to take the leap and give your house cleaning a shot.
  • PICTURES, PICTURES, AND MORE PICTURES! Faces are one of the best ways to get someone to stop and read – and there is no shortage of faces on this website. Each section is paired with either a group of images or just one. All of the images contain one or more people.

What could be improved:

  • Highlight those testimonials! Right now, the testimonial(s) on the page feel hidden and unimportant. Testimonials are the easiest way to build trust. I would highly recommend emphasizing them more.
  • 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! Unfortunately, that important detail isn’t highlighted very well. If you search for it, you’ll find it buried in small text. This is another thing to emphasize, this is a super-easy way to establish some much-needed credibility.

5. Molly Maid

Right off the bat, Molly Maid’s house cleaning website design establishes credibility. How?

They open up by saying, “TRUSTER FOR OVER 30 YEARS.”

As I’ve said earlier in the article, people want to be sure that you won’t cause any unnecessary headaches throughout their day. If they know that you’ve been cleaning homes for 30 years, they will feel much more comfortable when trying your services for the first time.

Also, because they are a multi-location cleaning company, they make it really easy for you to find a location straight from their website.

In fact, it’s one of the first things you’ll see. Not only will you find their location tool in the navigation bar, but it is also right below the headline.

Commenting on the overall design, they did a very good job in making it feel unique, but also very professional as well. Great Job!

Before we move on to the individual details of what they got right and what could be improved, I have to point out one thing.

IMAGES! They use little to no stock imagery throughout the entire Molly Maid website. That is fantastic! This is especially important for a business like house cleaning. People learn a lot from the images you include on your website; things like who you are, are you friendly, can I trust you, etc.

While you may not expect it, imagery plays a big role in how your visitors perceive you and your business!

So, what did Molly Maid get right:

  • They did a very good job of establishing credibility right off the bat. Not only with experience, but with testimonials as well.
  • It’s extremely easy to select a location or see if Molly Maid serves your area.
  • They have plenty of pink buttons to catch your attention and let you know “Hey, you can take action here!”
  • Molly Maid does a good job of placing testimonials throughout the site. They even have an entire page that highlights the testimonials they’ve received.
  • Answers to your questions are super easy to find. Whether it’s the services they offer or how to get in touch with them.

What could be improved:

  • There are some buttons on the website that have too much text. Keep your buttons short and to the point, people don’t want to read (or click) a button with a story inside.

6. Tidy Casa

Tidy Casa housing cleaning does a very good job of answering the questions visitors might have. They have a lot of good information that people can use in their buying decision, but you have to be careful when providing large sums of information.

I personally would not consider this to be the most elegant looking website, but as they are a business boasting 123 REVIEWS ON GOOGLE ALONE, I think it’s safe to say it’s gotten the job done well!

What do I like most about this website?

Continuing along the information path, I really like how they have set up the banner (on the home page) to answer the two main questions someone would have.

First, “how much do you charge?” They immediately answer this using a pricing tool.

Second, “what do others have to say?” People want to know what the experiences of others have been like. Most people don’t necessarily care about what the owner has to say about their own company, having video testimonials is a HUGE deal and Tidy Casa executed on this very well!

What exactly did they get right:

  • Their website is extremely informative as they cover most if not all the major questions someone would need an answer to before selecting a house cleaning service.
  • Big Props for having not only a pricing tool in the banner but also a compilation of video testimonials!
  • I really like the bright orange buttons that draw your eye towards a place where you can take some form of action.
  • It’s always great to have testimonials on your website!
    • Helpful tip: When you have over 100 testimonials, you have a huge opportunity to build massive trust. There’s nothing wrong with having 4 testimonials on your home page (which Tidy Casa is doing), but I would recommend highlighting that there are a huge amount of people that love what you do.

What could be done to improve the website:

  • The headline on the front page doesn’t feel super important as compared to the video and pricing tool. I’d recommend enlarging the text so that it re-affirms to visitors that they are in the right place.
  • For readability purposes, where there is a large group of text, try breaking it down into smaller bite-size chunks. People like to skim websites rather than read everything word-by-word, allow them to do so by breaking each section up into groups of important points.
  • I would highly recommend putting the About Us page in the main navigation. That page is commonly looked for when selecting a company – especially one that comes into the customer’s home.
  • I would also include the testimonials page in the main navigation. When you have 100+ reviews it’s kinda a big deal to show those off.

7. Better Life Maids

As soon as I land on the Better Life Maids website, I immediately see what major news sources have talked about them and that they are “Saint Louis’ Top Rated House Cleaning Service.”

Both of these are great for establishing credibility right from the start!

Not only that, but they also have a video from the owner which is another source of not just credibility, but trust as well.

I also really like the floating form on the right side. Whenever a visitor is ready to take the next step, all they need to do is fill out that form and, BOOM, they’ve just requested an estimate!

In general, the design of their website is super clean, there’s one place on the home page, in particular, that has a little too much text. Other than that, everything else is easily digestible.

What did they get right when designing this website:

  • It’s super easy to get a free quote. All you need to do is fill out the form.
  • When they designed the website, they did a really great job of building credibility and trust with testimonials, news outlets, and videos.
  • Their About Us page is great as well. It doesn’t read like a robot and it has real pictures!
  • They use a number of videos throughout the site which is great because most people prefer to watch something rather than read it.

What could be improved throughout this website:

  • There is a large section of text on the home page, which I would highly recommend breaking up into chunks. I said this earlier, but most people skim websites for the most important information, which means large bodies of text are often ignored.

Better Life Maids has over 150 reviews on Google alone, so what I’d like to see on the website is some more discussion of that. It is a huge deal when you have over 100 reviews, especially when you still have close to 5 stars.

That is something to show off!

8. EZ Clean (For Sale)

Instantly, you can tell this website was designed to establish trust and credibility. How does it do that?

One of the very first things you see is that other people love this cleaning service. It shows off how many 5 star reviews they’ve gotten and summarizes the rankings across multiple review platforms.

You’ll also notice that it’s very easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. That could be answers to questions or contact information.

When it comes to house cleaning website designs, the key is answering questions and establishing trust – that’s what this website does really well.

Ok, but what specifically does it do well:

  • Like I’ve said, from the very beginning, this website establishes much-needed trust to get your visitor to take the next steps to selecting your house cleaning services. With testimonials (of all kinds), links to your social media accounts, and the number of years you’ve been cleaning you’ll earn their trust.
  • The website uses brightly colored buttons to capture the attention of the visitor. When they have everything they need to make a decision, a button will be right there when they need it.
  • It addresses all the key questions and concerns your visitor might have. Things like the services you offer, how are you different, where do you serve, how do I get a quote, and more.
  • The website works great both on mobile and desktop devices, which is important since over 50% of Google searches come from people’s phones.
  • It’s easy for people to find your contact information.
  • The About Us page is simple, but it includes pictures to help people trust you and your business more.

9. Moppers

Just like many of the other house cleaning websites on this list, the design of this website makes it incredibly easy to find what you are looking for – which is super important. You don’t want to make it difficult for people to find the answers they are looking for, make it as easy as possible.

I also really like how there are not only bright colored buttons but forms you can fill out to schedule a cleaning instantly.

There’s one section that I want to point out in particular. Down where they have the section called “Founders Message,” this is a great idea for building trust.

It gives people an idea of how large you truly are, but it also ‘brags’ (in a good way) about what you’ve accomplished.

What does this website get right:

  • The website’s appearance is super modern and not cluttered. As you are delivering the information to your visitors, you want to make sure it’s not overwhelming.
  • There is a good amount of buttons for visitors to take action.
  • This house cleaning website also does a good job of establishing trust and credibility. It talks about big brands they’ve worked with, testimonials, years of experience, and more.
  • It’s also super easy to find what you are looking for. Contact information, services, pricing, it’s all there when you need it.

10. Clean Team (For Sale)

This website is simple and to point, there is nothing to distract your visitor from what they originally came for – which is scheduling a cleaning service.

It covers all the bases that need to be covered. People will be looking to find out what you do, where you do it, what others have to say, and who is behind the business.

The website also makes it really easy for people to contact your business. It has a floating contact button that gives visitors the ability to get in touch immediately.

What does the website do well:

  • Using testimonials and an About Us page the website does a really good job of building trust on the fly.
  • The website has a number of buttons so that visitors, as they are ready, can take action with just a click of a button.
  • It addresses all the key questions or concerns a new visitor may have about a house cleaning company.
  • The website has built-in forms to collect visitor contact information instantly.
  • It’s incredibly easy to find contact information throughout the website. It has a contact us page along with contact details on the home page.

Those Were The Top 10 House Cleaning Website Designs

These rankings were based on personal opinion, based on the factors I mentioned at the beginning of the post.

  1. Overall Design: How well have they laid out the website. Is it easy to find what you are looking for? Is the design easy on the eye?
  2. Trust Worthiness/Authority: How well does the website establish trust and present themselves as an authority figure in the industry.
  3. Questions/Answers: How well does the website answer the questions that are most commonly asked when a visitor is looking for a house cleaning business.

I made a decision on which websites did this the best. While the overall design of the website wasn’t the key factor I was considering, it is definitely a good idea to have a decent looking website.

Not to mention, a good looking, well-organized website makes it easier for you to spread your message or persuade someone your house cleaning services are for them.

If your website is clunky or text-heavy, people will get frustrated or bored and leave your website.

Remember, people like to skim websites for the most important information. Break up what you are trying to say into key points and talk about things separately.

In terms of the rankings, do you feel like these were correct? If you know of a house cleaning website that should be on this list, send it to me and I’ll take a look!

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